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Nexus One LLC (aka Nexus) is a cannabis producer located in Washington state.


All of our plants are grown using the power of the sun and native soil outdoors. This is the only sustainable way to produce cannabis. We use less electricity, less water, and less resources than any other producer. Our focus has been to produce great cannabis using nature rather than maximizing profits.

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It's not legal to claim our cannabis is organic because the USDA will not certify organic cannabis due to it's Schedule 1 drug mis-classification. All we can say here is that we use no chemicals. Our pest control is 100% biological things like ladybugs, companion plants, etc. We don't use fungicides because our plants don't get fungus due to our horticultural practices. Our soil contains ingredients we mix ourselves from local, organic sources.

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Medical Grade

As patients with qualifying conditions, we are very sensitive to the needs of patients who, like us, care about the safety of their medicine and desire cannabinoids in all their forms, rather than just high THC. We have laboratory testing of all our cannabis which gives a complete cannabinoid profile and ensures there are no pathogens, chemicals, toxins, etc. More complete information can be obtained in our strains section of this site.

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Invest In Nexus

Investors who are interested in investing in the cannabis industry can invest in Nexus through private stock offerings. Nexus has previously secured an initial round of funding at $350,000 in cash, real estate, and assets. This enabled us to become fully operational as a licensed cannabis producer under I-502. We can produce recreational marijuana at tier 3 size (30,000 ft2 plant canopy). At a conservative 28g/ft2 this could yield 840,000g. At a conservative $1.75/g, we can gross $1.47million/year. 

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Sustainable Packaging

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Who are we?

We are Nexus One LLC, more commonly known as Nexus and Nexus-Farm because of this website and our social media pages.  We are a cannabis Producer Processor located in Washington State. Our Team is an inspired group of professionals working smart and hard to improve our menu of fantastic cannabis strains. We are a family owned business and we are committed to providing quality SunGrown cannabis products. We use organic and sustainable permaculture growing methods. Visit Our Farm to learn more about our philosophy and approach.

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The state-of-the-art technology used at Nexus is specially tailored to cannabis production. Our industry has onerous requirements such as: seed-to-sale tracking, burglar alarms, surveillance systems, greenhouse automation, reporting requirements, quarantines, transport manifests, etc. We have managed to overcome these challenges using the latest technologies and in so doing, have dramatically reduced our workload. While all of this technology is used in-house at the moment, we expect to be able to produce viable commercial products for the cannabis industry. Here's a quick run-down of technology already developed at Nexus:

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