The state-of-the-art technology used at Nexus is specially tailored to cannabis production. Our industry has onerous requirements such as: seed-to-sale tracking, burglar alarms, surveillance systems, greenhouse automation, reporting requirements, quarantines, transport manifests, etc. We have managed to overcome these challenges using the latest technologies and in so doing, have dramatically reduced our workload. While all of this technology is used in-house at the moment, we expect to be able to produce viable commercial products for the cannabis industry. Here's a quick run-down of technology already developed at Nexus:

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Our seed-to-sale tracking system is part of a larger framework that encompasses all enterprise resource planning including traceability, transport manifests, quarantines, accounting, HR, sales, CRM, ecommerce, warehouse operations, barcodes, labels, affiliates, and much more.

Burglar Alarms

Our in-house burglar alarms have cloud-based monitoring, unlimited zones, 40 sensor inputs, cell-phone and email notifications, rfid capability, and much more. Any sensor can, in theory, be used by our systems including temperature, humidity, PIR, light sensors, pumps, fans, you name it. These systems cost less than 10% of other systems currently on the market and come with free security updates forever.

Surveillance Systems

Our systems can record 45 days continuously from up to 100 IP cameras at very high resolution and frame rates([email protected]). The cameras and DVR can all be updated with the latest security patches and have complete monitoring integration that notifies you when a camera is down or isn't recording, when disks reach capacity, when something overheats, etc. We use much less disk space than other systems which brings the total cost down and our custom cameras cost a fraction of what a comparable camera costs.

Greenhouse Automation

Our in-house greenhouse automation products do everything a greenhouse needs and more. They can control aeroponics pumps, fans, lights, etc. When integrated with the burglar alarm sensors, it's entirely possible to have fans come on when the temperature gets too high and then shut off after it cools down. We recently ran a price comparison of our aeroponics timer vs others and ours is $4, theirs is $53. The savings are almost unbelievable.

Farm Automation

A new and exciting application at Nexus is automating the farm. Drones, robots, AI, and other technology have enabled us to take farming into the 21st century. We've discovered that many tasks in cannabis cultivation are labour-intensive and machines for this industry are in their infancy. That's why we've developed our own systems and saved tens of thousands of dollars. We'd love to tell you more but that requires a non-disclosure agreement.



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