• Award Winning Genetics
    Award Winning Genetics All of our strains come from well know genetic stock and have numerous awards.
  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights High Times Indica cups in 1988, 1989 & Cannabis Cup 1990.
  • Bubblegum
    Bubblegum High Times Winner: Cannabis Cup of ’94, 2nd place in ’95 & again in ’99.
  • OG Kush
    OG Kush 1st Place High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Hybrid Category.
  • Blueberry
    Blueberry High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica.

Investors who are interested in investing in the cannabis industry can invest in Nexus through private stock offerings. Nexus has previously secured an initial round of funding at $350,000 in cash, real estate, and assets. This enabled us to become fully operational as a licensed cannabis producer under I-502. We can produce recreational marijuana at tier 3 size (30,000 ft2 plant canopy). At a conservative 28g/ft2 this could yield 840,000g. At a conservative $1.75/g, we can gross $1.47million/year. 

Our first year, 2015, involved the roll-out of the growing facilities, final inspections, plant acquisition, sexing, cloning, and growing. We managed to use 50% of our plant canopy in time for the growing season and reached 100% in 2016. We were granted an additional 9,000 square feet in 2016 as well as becoming Certified Kind.

We have decided to expand our business operations. Many of our competitors have raised capital in the millions of dollars. To remain competitive and secure a foot-hold in the industry, we are now seeking additional capital. In our second round of funding, we will be seeking $400k to $1 million and offering part of the company to investors. The details of the number of shares and prices each haven't been determined yet.

With additional capital, we will be able to double(or more) our production and go to year-round facilities like temperature-controlled greenhouses, aquaponic growing media, etc. We would also like to acquire a processing facilities, and enter the extraction business. All of these goals take large amounts of capital.


Other lofty goals include new technologies which we prefer not to put online but serious investors who sign an NDA can have a look.


Exit Plan

Our exit plan for our investors is to wait until cannabis is legalized nation-wide and then have an initial public offering. We'll put up an additional 6% of the company to the public and investors can sell theirs, keep them, buy more, etc.



As with any investment, there are real risks involved and you could lose some or all of your money. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance at the federal level. Localities can and do ban cannabis. Plants can be affected by pests, disease, and the elements.


How to Invest in Us

Call (509) 582-9575 and ask for James

Note: According to the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, you must be a WA resident for at least 3 months if investing over $10,000 in a cannabis company.


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